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Lisa Campbell and Nikki Raffle are fully qualified financial advisors and have received many accolades in their roles. Nikki is also working towards a 'Later Life Advisor Accreditation' in order to offer specialist advice in this area.

The value of sound financial advice cannot be underestimated and we understand that it can feel like a huge burden to make sure that your finances are running effectively.

After your free inital review, we will provide you with personalised detailed recommendations. We search the whole of the market place for the right solutions for you, without any restriction or bias.

Here at Campbell & Raffle, we can help you now and nurture a lifelong relationship where we design strategies around you as your needs change. As part of our inclusive ongoing service, we will continue to meet and review your needs on a regular basis.

We are confident you will benefit from a review with us, simply because our business model is based on honest and open advice.

Lisa Campbell MLIBF, DipFA, CeFA, CeMAP, AwPETR

Nikki Raffle Chartered ALIBF, ADVDipFA, CeFA, CeMAP, CeRER, AwPETR

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About Us
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